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About us

Truth and Friendship Lodge received its charter on 1 December 1955, by a special dispensation issued by the United Grand Lodges of Germany, to grant the three degrees of Freemasonry to American and English speaking men of the Nürnberg area. The birth of this Lodge was a joint effort by Brothers Kermit Purcell, Lyle E. Boyd and Brother Loren White. These three Brothers had formed a Square and Compass Club in the Nürnberg area. After consulting with the Master of the German Truth and Friendship Lodge (Zur Wahrheit und Freundschaft) an agreement was made to use the German Lodge Temple. On the evening of 16 December 1955, Truth and Friendship Lodge completed its first degree work. Brother Peter M. Rasmussen, who was at that time the Deputy District Grand Master, performed the ceremony. In attendance were Worshipful Brother Heinrich Meyer and Brother Hans Riesman, Master and Tyler of the German Truth and Friendship Lodge. On that same evening the newly elected Lodge Officers were duly installed:

  • Master: WBro. Kermit Purcel
  • SW: Bro. Loren White
  • JW: Bro. Lyle Boyd
  • Sec: Bro. Ernest Apostle
  • Treas.: Bro. John Gibbs

Significant Dates:

February 1956: Lodge BIJOU, the same one as today, was designed and presented to the Brothers. May 1957; Brother Hans Riesman was appointed permanent Tyler of Truth and Friendship Lodge by WB Loren White and he served in that position until he was called to the Grand Lodge above in 1974.

Honorary Members of our Lodge among others are: MW Brother Jess Minton, MW Brother Hugo Thomas, MW Brother Arthur E. Powell, MW Brother Don Martin and VW Brother Joe Lambert. On 27 March 1967 the Lodge adopted the Forget-Me-Not pin to be presented to all first time visitors. Truth and Friendship celebrated its 25 year anniversary with a gala ball held at the Nürnberg Fussball Club with over 250 members and guests. Truth and Friendship celebrated its 50 year anniversary with a EA Degree work and held a Garden-Party with the German Lodge Zur Wahrheit und Freundschaft at the Lodge House in Fürth with many members and guests. This Lodge has had a Grand History. From 1994 to 2002 a small number of Brothers met each month to keep the Lodge active. Among those Brothers were: WMs Walter Rudy, Jerry Goetze, Jochen Kusserow, David Roberts, and Brother Wolfgang Meier to which all members of this Lodge owe a huge amount of gratitude. The Future

The first rule of any organization is to ensure its continuing existence. We all must work to attract men of character to join our fraternity. We do this by setting an example for other men to emulate. A study of the history of this Lodge is the same as for any organization it is a study of changes. An organization that does not change with the times dies in the process. And some men will never understand what caused their down fall. We must remember that change is the hardest for those caught by surprise; we must meet the high standards demanded by our young men and remember that change is not new and changes are important. The challenge is simple. We must produce a plan that is relevant and fits todays demographics.

What is required is Leadership. And let me tell you what leadership is not:

If a person has initiative, improvises creative solutions to the changing environment, and has the courage of his convictions, he is a strong and effective human being and surely an asset to any organization, but you will not necessary be a leader. Great leaders rally people to a better future. That takes good men and makes them better. The key words here are a better future. Good leaders have a vision of where the organization is going and the method to achieve the visions objectives. And they know how to communicate these objectives. What defines a leader is his preoccupation with the future. In his head he carries a vivid image of what the future could and should be, and this image drives him on. Masonry is not an event it is a process, and in this process we must accept doubt. There will be times when it will seem to hard; no one running the Lodge except a few military closing shops, and the list goes on. Remember this lesson. History does not teach fatalism. There are times when the will of a handful of Free Masons breaks through with a vision and determination to see the thing through and open up new paths in our quest for the future.

We will have a good future if we remember the four cardinal virtues:

Temperance /self control / moderation. If you cannot control yourself you cannot control other men Fortitude / strength / courage / honesty / staying power. The guts to see the thing to the end Prudence / discretion / maturity Justice / fairness / impartiality

We must use the four cardinal virtues when dealing with all our Brothers and all people of honor and character. Remember men and organizations get the history they deserve.
  • American Canadian Grand Lodge
  • Within the
  • United Grand Lodges of Germany
  • Brotherhood of Freemasons
  • Stated Communications: 20:00 (8:00 pm), 2nd Friday of the month.
  • We are Dark during July and August
  • Contact: 828sec@acgl.eu
  • Address: Altes Schloss, Höfleser Hauptstrasse 74, 90427 Nürnberg-Höfles


Truth & Friendship Lodge No. 828 (2018-2019)

  • Senior Deacon:
  • Junior Deacon:
  • Chaplain:
  • Tyler:
  • WBrother Udo Raab
  • Brother Thomas Mahler
  • Brother Jens Geissler
  • Brother Ralf Leinberger
  • WBrother Herbert Hall
  • Brother Darrel Canty
  • Brother Curtis Moore
  • VWBrother Walter Ross
  • Brother Antonio Jansen

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How To Become a Mason?


To become a Freemason you must:

  • Be a man at least 18 years of age
  • Be of good moral character
  • Have a personal belief in a Supreme Being (the definition of a Supreme Being is up to you)
  • Decide to become a Mason of "your own free will and accord"
  • Be loyal to your country
  • Dedicated to providing for your own family
  • Have a sincere determination to conduct yourself in a manner that will earn the respect and trust of others
  • Possess a desire to help others through community service and universal benevolence


Follow these steps to become a member:

  • Talk with someone you know who is a member of the Fraternity
  • If you do not know anyone who is a Mason, just contact a lodge in your neighborhood
  • Masons do not solicit for members. You'll need to express your personal interest in joining the Fraternity.
  • You can receive an online petition for membership per E-mail from your local lodge.
  • Complete a petition for membership and return it to your local lodge with your degree fees
  • Three members will meet with you to answer your questions
  • Your petition will be presented for secret ballot. If accepted, you will be notified to appear to receive the first of three Degrees of Masonry

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Truth & Friendship Lodge Nr.828
Altes Schloss, Höfleser Hauptstrasse 74,
90427 Nürnberg-Höfles, Germany
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